What We Do

The counseling we provide differs from simply giving advice. Together, we will focus on exploring your motivations, your aspirations, and the unique strengths that you possess in order to arrive at a solution that meets your needs and improves your life.

If you are dealing with depression or post traumatic stress (PTS), we will design a course of treatment that is tailored to your unique personality. Often with depression or PTS you might also benefit from occasional ‘tune-up’ sessions. Even if you have had therapy in the past, it can be good to develop a therapeutic relationship with a counselor for these kind of tune up needs.

If you are in a strained relationship or a relationship that is becoming strained, and you have children, we take a child centered approach. When you have children together, you and your partner will continue to have a relationship of some kind by default. Our purpose then becomes learning how to participate in the relationship to meet each of your needs and maximize the wellbeing of your children.

If you do not have children, our approach remains on learning how to participate in the relationship to best meet each of your needs. However, without children in the mix, ceasing to have a relationship is possible. If that happens to be the best course, concluding your time together with mutual dignity and respect will benefit each partner in their personal journeys. Cap City Counseling believes that all relationships require work from all parties. It is our goal to join you in your efforts to have the best relationships possible.

Call us today for a free phone consultation; and visit our How To Start page to download our initial visit forms.

Post Script: Cap City Counseling is also designing services that move beyond the typical office-based structure. These services will use technology to provide more in the moment access to your counselor. Please check the blog section (Free Advice) to stay up to date on these developments.

Who We Are

Combined our therapists have over ten years experience in helping children and families improve their mental health and strengthen their relationships.

Currently we have two therapists who can see clients:

Matt is our clinical supervisor. He oversees all the cases at Cap City Counseling. He is an LCSW and has been practicing psychotherapy since 2008 and providing supervision since 2013.

Mariana is our lead therapist. She is an IMF. She has been practicing psychotherapy since 2008 as well. She is currently waiting to sit for her licensing exam.