How to Start

How to Start

  1. Contact us!

    You can call us at 916.546.5025. There is no charge or commitment to talk to a counselor. If we are unable to answer at that moment, please leave us a message. It will be kept confidential.

    You can also fill out our contact form to email us. This is also kept confidential.

  2. Print out the initial forms.

    This isn’t strictly required but if you fill them out before your first meeting it will leave more time to talk with your counselor about how we can work together.

    View and download the initial visit forms here.

  3. Attend your appointment

    Here you will meet your counselor in person and begin the process of growing to your fullest potential. Even if you determine that Cap City is not the best place to meet your needs, we will still be glad to help you find another counselor at no charge. There is no cost to call and talk to a therapist about how we might help you. Call us at 916.546.5025. We’re looking forward to meeting you!